CodeRed Business Solutions Inc.
Excellence in Asset Management and Maintenance
A certified Minority/Disadvantage Business Enterprise (M/DBE) and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Company Overview
CodeRed Business Solutions Inc. (CRBS) is a Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) and a New York State Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB) with experience supporting organizations in Public Transportation, Public Utilities and the Departments of Defense. In addition, CRBS has provided technical expertise to the Federal Transit Administration and US Department of Energy.

CRBS have extensive experience in asset management techniques including program development and reporting. We provide advanced maintenance programs supporting fleet and infrastructure performance excellence tailored to the needs of our clients.

CRBS is a provider of Asset Management, engineering and maintenance services as well as solutions supporting the Department of Transportation's 'Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century’ Act (MAP-21) and State of Good Repair (SGR) requirements, which systematically examines the critical infrastructure that supports the delivery of safe and reliable transportation service for the public. CRBS has supported the development of more than six transit asset management plans in the last five years. Because of our extensive of asset management experience with the Department of Defense, CRBS was selected by FTA to perform the original research on Asset Management which led to the design of the final State of Good Repair Model and TAM regulations issued by the FTA.

CodeRed Business Solutions Inc. (CRBS) has developed an Asset Management Inventory Support Tool (AMIST) which easily integrates with most financial and maintenance management systems employed by Transit Systems across the country. AMIST was developed to capture, categorize and document all of the assets employed by transit systems, record the condition assessment as required by the FTA, and provide the user with accurate lists of assets properly categorized in accordance with FTA guidelines. AMIST supports the end users state of good repair efforts by providing the organization with accurate information to be used in prioritizing replacement of below standard assets and forecasting future funding required to maintain uninterrupted transit services. CRBS also provides organizational training in the area of transit asset management, State of Good Repair, and ISO-55000 techniques and standards. CRBS Business Solutions Inc. was the prime contractor for the development of Asset Management Methodology/Condition Assessment Methodology Research (FTA Report No. 0023).

In the area of reliability Centered Maintenance CRBS has on staff key members of the St. Louis Metro team which developed the industry leading vehicle maintenance programs that resulted in vehicle reliability performance improvement of 400%. The strategy has produced Bus Mean Distance Between Failures (MDBF) improvement from a baseline of 3,500 miles between failures to current levels in excess of 25,000 mile between failures.

The Federal Transit Administration has praised this accomplishment as an industry best practice model for Asset Management in an article featured in Aug 30 2016 Mass Transit Magazine. that were singled out for excellence in a past edition of the federal register. Far from being a local solution, these maintenance systems have been transferred to other clients who are in process of duplicating the successful results obtained in St. Louis. Our program has proven successful for bus, light rail, para transit, and non-revenue and fleets. Our services include general consulting, fleet analytics reviews and direct support for program implementation, including sub-fleet demonstration programs.

A partial list of recent transit clients in either Asset Management or Reliability Centered Maintenance include Los Angeles Metro, New York City Transit, Charlotte Area Transit System, Long Island Rail Road, MTA Headquarters New York, Chicago CTA and Atlanta’s MARTA.

CRBS has also been tasked with supporting Management Information System (MIS) and EAM System implementations. We have also supported transit systems in need of support with regulatory requirements including Fleet Maintenance or Management strategies, NTD reporting and other grant management efforts.

CRBS is an Institute of Asset Management ISO55001 endorsed trainer provider. In addition, CTBS participates on both the American Public Transportation Associations (APTA) Committees for TAM/SGR and Bus Technical Maintenance.

These maintenance concepts are applicable to almost any maintenance effort. Recently CRBS supported the efforts of New York Power Authority in developing and implementing a Reliability Centered Maintenance project for electrical systems including generating and power grid delivery equipment. Of course, our fleet maintenance concepts would also apply to utility support equipment.

CRBS is a minority and veteran owned business headquartered in Atlanta Georgia. Please direct any inquiries to:

Ronald G. Humphrey, CEO
(678) 296- 4217
966 Wescott LN NE
Atlanta, GA 30319