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Peifan Li
Full Stack Software Engineer
Peifan Li is currently Director of Transit Decision Support Analysis, ensuring the optimization and whole life cycle cost analysis of critical assets supporting transportation infrastructure. His ability to design and develop decision support tools provides CodeRed Business Solutions Inc. a unique capability to improve asset availability and reliability for our customers.

Peifan Li is the chief architect and developer of the Asset Management Inspection and Support Tool developed by CRBS to support the FTAís asset management and state of good repair goals outlined in the new asset management ruling released by the FTA July 2016. The development of the Asset Management Inventory Support Tool (AMIST) provides transportation organizations with ability to 1.Collect Inventory and store all asset information, 2.Report NTD information, and 3.Perform inspections and asset condition assessments.

In August 2014, Peifan Li joined St. Louis Asset Management Plan project, and was responsible for performing detail analysis of operational and maintenance data of critical assets for the more than 50 miles of rail infrastructure at St. Louis Metro. These analyses led to the successful implementation of the asset management strategy and the development of one of the nationís first comprehensive Asset Management Plan (AMP).

The studies an analysis prepared by Peifan Li provide senior leadership with the ability to optimized and leveraged the use of transportation funds to improve financial planning for major capital investments and corridor operational improvements. His experience as a transit analyst and in other quantitatively focused fields is extensive. In addition, Peifan Li has deep understanding of Decision Support Tools/Software development and has incorporated his experience with Geo Information System (GIS) projects during his support of the Automated Track Inspection System research project conducted by UMass Lowell during his Masterís studies.

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