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Charlotte Area Transit System Transit Asset Management Plan
admin      2018-11-01
The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS), like any large transit system, is an asset intensive organization. The reliability, availability, maintenance and functional condition of all transit assets are critical for the reliable operation and the safety of our passengers. CATS is focused on developing an asset management program that meets FTA requirements and benefits the organization's bottom line as well as leads to “total asset visibility.”

Asset Management is a strategic discipline that involves making the best decisions about the management and life cycle of all equipment, rolling stock, infrastructure and facilities throughout the organization. Asset management includes the recognition that all assets have a role to play in the safe operation of the transit system and further, that all assets have an anticipated life expectancy. Proper Asset Management requires embedded processes and systems that assure the proper and efficient function of all assets. This Asset Management Plan combines engineering and analyses, with sound business practice and economic theory.

CATS is committed to the highest level of safety, security and emergency preparedness for its customers, employees and the general public. Safety and security are primary concerns that affect all CATS activities including Operations, Maintenance, Planning and Design, Construction, Procurement, Testing and Training for all modes of transportation. CATS has incorporated Safety into its Asset Management Plan (AMP) and the System Safety Program Plan (SSPP), the governing document of its Bus, STS, Streetcar and Rail Fixed Guideway System. Critical assets that could impact the delivery of safe and reliable transit service for the public have been identified by the SSPP and are monitored to ensure assets are maintained and functioning as designed to meet their operational goals and objectives.

The purpose of the SSPP is to set forth the requirements for identifying, evaluating and minimizing safety risks throughout all areas of CATS. Development of the SSPP was based on the American Public Transportation Association's Manual for the Development of Bus Transit System Safety Program Plans (1998), the Federal Transit Administration's Implementation Guidelines for 49 CFR, Part 659 and the North Carolina Department of Transportation's State Safety Oversight Program for Rail Fixed Guideway Systems and most recently APTA's Manual for the Development of Urban Rail Agency System Safety Program Plans, Revision number 6. The SSPP meets the intent of Program requirements for development of a Rail Transit Agency System Safety Program Plan (SSPP) in the FTA's Resource Toolkit for State Oversight Agencies and the NCDOT SSO Program Standard.

The SSPP is specifically developed to: • Establish the System Safety Program for CATS • Identify the relations and responsibilities of CATS with other City of Charlotte departments, agencies and organizations that impact transit system safety • Provide formal documentation of CATS commitment to safety • Provide a framework for implementing safety policy and achieving the system safety goal and objectives • Satisfy federal and state laws and local codes, ordinances and regulations • Utilize continuous improvement and/or ISO standards such as those incorporated in APTA's Manual for SSPPs, Rev. 6, when practicable

The system safety goal is to design, construct, test, prepare and operate a transportation system that attains a practical optimum level of safety during the entire life cycle of the system's five phases: Planning, Design, Construction, Operations and Disposal as applicable. The System Safety Program Plan is directed toward achieving this goal within CATS strategic goals and constraints.