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Application of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) at the Bi-State Development Agency
In 2002 the executive staff at Metro St. Louis decided that a change in direction for vehicle maintenance was necessary. After years of poor service quality, excessive vehicle breakdowns and inconsistent budgeting the Vehicle Maintenance Department was mandated to developed a maintenance program that controlled costs, improve vehicle performance and extend the life of a bus to 15 years.
Client issues
  • Delays to service averaged 3,500 miles
  • Maintenance management was focused on managing breakdowns not managing equipment
  • Maintenance philosophy was more inspections would produce better results
  • Components, parts and systems were operated to failure
  • Restoration and discard activities were performed at asset end life to meet service needs
  • Budgeting was not consistent year to year
  • No comprehensive capital replacement plan for vehicles
  • Asset Manager's solutions and added value
    Developed maintenance program using Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) principals and guidelines for all vehicles that addressed executive staff concerns.
    Services provided
  • Developed whole life cost models for all vehicle components, parts and systems that extends the life of the assets
  • Plan expenditures at the mid-life of the asset life cycle including scheduled restoration and scheduled discard activities in order to maximize ROI
  • Extend the life of a bus by 20% from 12 years to 15 years increasing asset availability
  • Grouped maintenance activities in order to maximize maintenance department's productivity
  • Developed Bill of Materials (BOM) for scheduled maintenance activities
  • Created a training program that supports the RCM philosophy for all vehicle maintenance employees
  • Reduced unnecessary work activities 66%
  • Developed 25 years capital replacement plan for all rolling stock
  • Key benefits and success factors
    Key benefits and success factors. Vehicle reliability increased to over 20,000 miles between delays to service. Improved customer experience, reduced customer complaints by over 90% through better manpower utilization and scheduled restoration activities. Decreased vehicle operating cost per mile 50% Reduced inventory for vehicle maintenance by 66%. The RCM program resulted in reliable and consistent zero based budgeting.