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Asset Hierarchy, Criticality, and Risk Assessment, New York City Transit, New York City, NY
  • Asset management
  • Training
  • Culture Change Management
CRBS assisted New York City Transit's Enterprise Asset Management Office (EAMO) in the development of the functional asset hierarchy, criticality assessment, and risk analysis methodologies to determine the relative priority among different assets and components. Tasks included:
  • Standards for asset hierarchy, criticality assessment, and risk analysis.
  • Verification of criticality methodology.
  • Change management support.

The CRBS team conducted workshops with the support of EAMO staff. Several interviews were conducted with senior- and mid-level operations managers to validate the proposed methodology prior to conducting the workshops.

The asset hierarchy and taxonomies were developed based on the feedback received during the Phase 2 workshops and numerous one-on-one interviews. These new asset hierarchy and taxonomies were further detailed and tailored for each asset class prior to conducting the Phase 3 workshops based on interviews with designated experts.