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Predictive Maintenance Program Plan for Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA)
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The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA) has engaged the services of CodeRed Business Solutions Inc. for the purpose of developing a comprehensive Predictive Maintenance Program Plan (PMPP) also refer to Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) for the GCRTA's fleets of transit buses operated from the Hayden District.

The goal of the PMPP is to improve customer satisfaction and elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of GCRTA's revenue vehicle fleet maintenance program. In addition, the PMPP will improve vehicle reliability, better control and reduce revenue vehicle operating costs and manage vehicle life-cycle costs. The PMPP will provide GCRTA with an accurate approach to budget parts and labor requirements.

While the Predictive Maintenance Program Plan philosophy has not widely been implemented in North American transit agencies, the philosophy is starting gain a minimum based on St. Louis Metro. The PMPP methodology is not without precedent; The PMPP philosophy closely models the commercial and military aircraft and industries. Other industries that utilize PMPP are water plants, electrical generation plants and large mining operations. Industries that operate large capitalized equipment considered to be mission critical utilized some form of PMPP.

Due to financial constraints now being experienced throughout the transit industry, systems are investigating this methodology and starting to adapt PMPP maintenance practices. Some notable systems moving in this direction are St. Louis Metro (13 years experience), Toronto (TTC) and New York City Transit (NYCT).

The leader in the transit industry for PMPP is St. Louis Metro with 13 years experiences. Metro is the multi mode transit provider for the St. Louis Metropolitan region that carries 52 million riders per year.

Figure-1 St. Louis experienced very positive results in vehicle reliability and availability:

The Predictive Maintenance Program Plan (PMPP) takes advantage of the improvements in technologies as well as asset maintenance and repair data to plan all maintenance activities.

The PMPP system is used to plan all maintenance activities from the time of vehicle manufacture to the day the vehicle is retired from service. Planed activities include vehicle safety, driver, passenger and appearance items.

The successful implementation of the PMPP at Metro did not require the purchase of additional parts, components, tooling or equipment prior to initiating the program. The PMPP is designed to interline with available equipment, workspace and personnel. The objective is to improve efficiencies to drive better results delivering a superior product at a lower cost.